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It’s Not An Employee Monitoring Solution, It’s A Revolutionary Business Productivity Application.


Task Mining is the method that allows your business to capture your resources’ actions as they perform them, so the actions can be analyzed and provide you with tons of data to transform your business.


Do you have the same resources at your fingertips along with similar types of expenses as your competitor, but are you still not number one in your service area? Do you know why? One big problem businesses face is not knowing how long it takes to perform a task end-to-end within their business. If their employees are working most proficiently,


Technology plays a crucial role in our business and evolves so quickly. A software or application that had been effective for the last few years can be replaced by a new one all of a sudden. It’s very challenging for non-IT managers or leaders to ensure what new technology out there is useful for the business. The management might not be aware of how this new technology can make their work-life easier and


Optimus Hive can monitor your business procedures by tracking your employee’s work. It can identify who is not getting along with the changes you made in your process and tool uses. It gives you the total freedom to upgrade your business model and procedure.


Optimus Hive can help by solving these types of issues for your business. It does this by producing reports and sending alerts when it recognizes these types of scenarios are occurring. This action will improve your business’s bottom line.

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